User Management

The user management area is provided so that you can:

  1. Invite other users in your company to help you manage the portal
  2. View who has access to your portal
  3. Restrict access of existing users to the portal (i.e. block access or remove access).

As the account owner, you have full access rights. You can invite others to help you manage the portal however. To do this, select 'Invite admins' and:       

  1. Type their email address(es) into the user management screen
  2. Update the subject and content of your email as you prefer
  3. Choose the role (If you want to be notified when the new users login, select this option)
  4. Send the message

The email addresses and roles of the newly invited users will appear in your User Management screen in the status of “Waiting for user details”. Once new users have logged into your dashboard, their user name and date of their last login will appear. You will also receive an email notification if you chose this option. Now you can manage these users through the portal.


Please see Video Tutorials here:


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    Paul Wolstenholme

    It would be nice to know what the invited user has to do after he gets the email (because clicking the link in his email gives inconsistent results at the moment, including leading him to an existing account login screen which he doesn't know how to handle).

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    Igor Lazov

    I've invited a person to become a second admin, but the invitation only has a 'Log In' button. When he presses it, it leads him to creating an account, since he still has no account. But when he created it, he become an admin with no view or access to the real account that invited him in the first place. So, we closed the account, but then tried to change the password of the already closed account and we succeeded. It is only after that, that we get access to the real account of the company, that is, only then the second admin could view the devices that were already defined.

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    Keystone Admin

    Serious issue here if you cannot add more than one admin... After a few months you would have figured this would have been resolved...

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    Marty Sage

    I believe Igor Lazov is on the right track. I think the issue is that you have to have an Avast verified email address to send to. This means already having an account created in or the sites.

    By creating a new portal account and password with the invitee email address, the verification process automatically creates accounts on these sites and a verification email goes to the user. Deleting the portal account leaves the verified account intact and then logging in with the link and password should then join the verified address to the existing portal.

    Probably a simpler way is to create a account with the email address first, then once verified, send the invitation from the business portal (I haven't tested this but I expect it will work)

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    Jeff MacKenzie

    It would be nice feature upgrade to be able to limit the secondary admins to view only certain groups of devices since it is possible to organize the devices it only makes sense that we should be able to add view permissions to these groups. In our case we have several offices and each additional admin is responsible for their office only but are able to see and modify all of the devices in the company. We could create different accounts for each office but decided to use one account with groups for simplicity.

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    Ugo Pirrone

    Also you would be able to limit one admins to view and administrate only one group.

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