Network Status

The dashboard provides you a complete overview of the health and status of your network. Color coding is used to help you see at a glance if actions are necessary. Green will indicate your devices are safe. If you see orange or red in the status indicator at the top of your dashboard you know you should take some action.

Dashboard Shortcuts

The middle section of the dashboard is your action panel. It provides both information and shortcuts. From here you can add devices, activate devices to add a subscription, add Secureline and start a new scan.
More about adding devices

Network and threat detection

The bottom section of the dashboard is informational. Here you can see how many devices you have on each platform, and can view the history of threats that have been detected and resolved on your network.


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    claudio roberto pereira da silva


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    Why Web Dashboard Has More Problem ??

    I Try Signin but it's cannot signin and web cannot login ??

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