How do I close my account?


How to Close your Avast for Business Account


***Closing your account will permanently remove the business account, and your my.avast account. Thus all settings will be lost and irretrievable***


To start, log into the cloud portal at From there you will be presented with the dashboard.


Next click on Admin in the left action pane. There you will see this screen.


There just under the “Country” drop down box you can click on the “Close Account” button. After doing this the account will be closed.  

Note: You may terminate your account at any time by making a request to Avast. Please note that the termination will only become effective on settlement of all outstanding payments on your account as of the end of the month in which termination is requested. Avast also reserves the right to terminate accounts which have been used illegally or fraudulently, or where the customer has defaulted on payment.


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