How am I charged for the use of Avast products?

The price you are charged for the use of Avast software is calculated on a pro rata basis according to your monthly usage/device/day, which is stored in your account on the portal. You can see the specific amounts being charged to your account at any time by going to the Subscriptions section in the Store in your portal.

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    Geoff Cheesman

    If this is a free product, why am I being billed $2aud per month.
    It is not clear to me whether I will pay a minimum of $10aud per month if I only register this one computer. If I register more, how much will it cost per computer?

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    At this time there is a $10 min, however we are changing this format soon with the next update to just $2 a device period. For now, you can add 5 or 2 devices and still will cost $10 min.

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