Why should I upgrade to Avast for Business?

There are several great reasons to move from the on-premises package to this cloud-based software. These include:

  1. You get basic protection for free even if you are a business.
  2. We provide you with a "true SaaS" solution: highly flexible licensing and configuration, and pay on a monthly basis only for what you use.
  3. You can buy additional protection instantly as you discover the need for it, no need to spend time to evaluate the "ideal bundle" upfront.
  4. You get to choose both consumer and business features no matter who you are; it's up to you to tell us, not up to us to tell you.
  5. As a small business, you get an enterprise-quality, easy-to-use management console that is customizable to your situation.
  6. We provide products for multiple platforms.
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