Why do I have to enter my credit card information for a free trial of a subscription service?

We will automatically convert your trial to a paid subscription unless you cancel during the trial period. For this we need your billing information. The automatic conversion ensures that service is not interrupted and that you maintain an accurate history of protection on your network.

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    Martin klinkert

    Hello, my husband noticed your stagefright security alert last night as I was sleeping, and he acted to try and start protection for my new business.


    He gave his email rather than mine, so before we go any further and I have to give you bank details, can we please use my email instead of his. He picked a nice password though, so if I can I'd like you to make that possible for me to use.

    My email is

    Martin has not set his up yet. Too busy doing Archery and photography! So please just switch the account he set up to mine

    I will naturally want to take you up on your offer of a free trial, but since it is my business and would be my bank details let's get it right from the start! To be honest I'm trying to reschedule some meetings so if I can leave it with you and sort it out later that would be fine. And if this is all a scam, at least we all know about it. At least my husband took it seriously enough to do screenshots of all the instructions that were sent out. So your move! I'll be here for 20 minutes if there is anything we have to sort out before we turn all devices off and go out for lunch. Back about 4/30 or so. Thanks! Melanie

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    Martin klinkert

    Sorry I have given you Martins email wrong! He is mostly UK based although he is Dutch!

    Martins correct email, the one we're changing to mine is
    Mine is

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