What is SecureLine and how does it work?

Avast for Business SecureLine VPN generates a virtual IP address for your device that hides your online activity from potential eavesdroppers, and allows access to websites that may be restricted to specific geographic locations.

The VPN provides a way for you to mask the actual IP address of your device when connecting to public (or private) networks by overriding your device's address with an alternate, local one obtained from a pool of servers close to your current location.

SecureLine VPN encrypts data packets sent and received over the connection from all websites. The service can be set to specifically remind you to invoke the VPN when connected to an unsecured, public network or it can be set to automatically do this when a public network is detected. The service is not intended to replace a Corporate VPN and does not allow connections to work servers.

SecureLine VPN is available as a subscription service that you can add to Avast Premium or Free Business Security.

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    Richard Dulaney

    Is SecureLine also available for Mac and iOS?

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    By activating Avast SecureLine VPN cause any communication issues in My LAN. do i need to reconfigure my LAN?

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    So once I activate the VPN how does the end client know that it has SecureLine active?


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