Adding a Device

After setting up your Avast Account and creating your company profile, you need to add your laptops, PCs and Macs (devices) into your network. This will allow you to manage the security and protection of all devices from the Avast Business Security Management Portal accessible through any standard Web browser.

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    I do not get it. How do I add a device? Still not clear..

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    Werner Schuster

    how can i check the account-credentials and details ON THE CLIENTSIDE?
    (i dont have to enter any registration-data on the clientside. is this data bundled with the installer, i download from the webportal of the client-account?)

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    Bevan Simpkin

    Hi Clay,
    I have one PC that already had Avast on it. How do i attach that machine to my admin console? Do I have to re-install??

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    David Wild

    Did a fresh install using the emailed invite but still no option to 'activate'. There should be an option in the app to send an Activate Request.

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