Removing a Device from the Portal

If you need to remove a device from your portal, you can initiate an uninstall via the portal.  The device will be removed from your list of devices in the portal and  uninstall on the next synchronization with the portal.

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    Frederic Janvier

    Well, this isn't the expected functionality.

    Would have been better to have two or three choices:

    • Switching to the free version, removed from the Premium licensed devices.
    • Deactivating Avast and suspend the licensing (Avast protection isn't operational).
      For example when the PC is stored for some time.
    • Administratively uninstall Avast suite and remove from assets.

    Benefits :

    • Computers removed from assets still have a basic level of protection and still promotes the Avast solution.
    • Stored computers are kept registered in the corresponding "Avast network", where it should be. No need to physically re-install Avast, only send an activation command, either form the Console or from the PC.


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