Creating Groups & Adding Devices to the Groups

This video shows you how to create a group, and then shows you how to drag & drop device into the different group.

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    Robson Valley Support Society Tech

    Perfect. Short and to the point, just what I needed.

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    Paul Harding

    The interface has changed since the video was made, or the interface on my Avast portal is different to the video for some other reason.  Drag and drop a computer into a group does not work on my portal version, and the icons are different to those shown on the video, and there is a different way to add to a group (the icon in the top left in the video does not exist - to add a group you actually have to click the three vertical dots to the right of "Default Group" and add a sub-group there).  I have not yet found a way to move a computer from the default group into another group, as the video instructions do not work I am still working it out.  Sorry, but the video is just plain *wrong*.

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    Balázs Nagy
    Paul Harding is right, there is no way to add another group beside the Default group, except sub-groups. Dear Avast, can you provide an update on this? Paul: if you try the drag & drop reeeeealllyyy slowly, it'll work. At least it has worked for me, from Chrome, and with long-lasting mouse clicks.
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