Pushing Tasks to the Clients

You can push tasks to the devices, like system scans, performing updates, system reboots/shutdowns, and brief on-screen messages, all through the cloud portal.

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    Owe Bernt Robertsen

    I can push a scan task to all my workstations, but don't want the scan to be immedialy, so I found the "Recurring task" view in Avast for Business Web GUI. But can't schedule when and how often the scan show be.

    Are there any way of pushing "scheduled scan" to the clients using script?

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    Michael P.

    Hello Owe,

    At this time, there is not an available option to push tasks on a schedule. We are working on it for a future release.

    Michael P.
    AVAST Business Support Team

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    Antonin GARRIGA
    Hi, I look forward this feature! I think that will be a good reason to upgrade to Premium :)
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    Darrell Brown

    Can I assign tasks to groups rather than individual devices. I want all my devices to do a daily quick scan, but I don't want to have to manually create the task whenever a new device is added.


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