Uninstall Avast Endpoint Client using AEA Console:

  1. Open the AEA console
  2. Right click on "Auxiliary tasks (tree item)" in "avast! Enterprise Administration Console.
  3. Left click on "Create new... (menu item).
  4. Type a name for the task such as “uninstall”.
  5. Select “uninstall managed products” for the task type drop down menu.
  6. Select reboot on the left and choose your preference for reboot option.
  7. Select computers on the left. 
  8. If you are uninstalling all devices leave the “*” wildcard and this will uninstall all devices reporting to the console.
  9. If uninstalling select devices, choose browse and add the devices you wish to uninstall.
  10. Select ok to save the task
  11. Right click the task created and select run.


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