SafeZone provides an extra secure environment for online banking and bill pay. When you connect with a known financial or shopping site, Avast offers to open that site in the hardened SafeZone browser instead. This isolates your financial transactions from other processes running on the system.
The SafeZone browser always uses Avast's own DNS servers, so there's no chance for a malicious process to interfere via DNS. It also sets up a direct channel from the keyboard to the browser to foil keyloggers. You can choose whether to block or allow clipboard sharing between the regular desktop and SafeZone, or limit clipboard sharing to text only.
Avast SafeZone leaves no trace once it is closed.

SandBox provides an extra layer of security for you to run your PC and its applications in a virtual environment. If attacks occur, they are redirected to the virtual environment, instead of to your real PC. When you are surfing the web, potential harmful apps are isolated from everything and run virtually.

Firewall stops hackers by using heuristic and behavioral analysis and a white list of safe applications. Your operating system, software and hardware are protected through the denial of unauthorized communications both into and out of your PC.

Rescue Disk
Avast Rescue Disk is designed to remove infected files from your computer when it is already suffering damage from malware and you are not able to run your Avast security software. A Rescue Disk is created on a removable media from a copy of Avast Business Security that is running on an uninfected PC. You then boot the infected PC from the external media and use Rescue Disk to scan the PC, and detect and remove the infected files and viruses.

Data Shredder
Data Shredder disposes of deleted files permanently to prevent misuse of sensitive or confidential data. You can set the program to shred files or shred a whole partition. When you shred a partition you irreversibly destroy all data currently and previously stored on the partition.
Data shredder can also clean free disk space, making data from previously deleted files unrecoverable.

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