Realtime data
Realtime statistical data shows you current activity on the various security components that are running on your PC. You can see a speedometer style view of your shield activity and a scrolling graph showing a breakdown to the individual file system, web and mail shields.
You can also see the last files scanned and the firewall status.

Historical data
The historical data view provides the facility for you to choose a shield (file, web or mail) and view the activity on that shield for two time periods. For example you can view today and this month side by side to spot irregularities in PC usage or threat related activity.

Component data
The component status statistics show, in grid format, all possible security components of the Avast software. It will note which components are installed and which are not activated and will show the performance of each component. For example; number of scans executed, number of viruses blocked in the last 30 days, number of updates received in the last 24 hours, etc.

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