Update the centralized virus definition of Avast for Business devices

First, download the definition updates as follows:

  1. Copy the following text and save as a .bat file
    bitsadmin.exe /transfer "Update"
  2. Edit the text in red to reflect the location in which you want to save the vpsudp.exe (make sure all devices you want to update have access to this location)
  3. Use task scheduler to create a task to run the .bat on a schedule of your preference.

Next, execute the definition update on your device(s)

There are two ways you can accomplish this, using the script below.

echo "Avast Definition update" >
goto END

 1. Copy the text above and save as .bat file

  • Edit the text in red to reflect the location where you saved the vpsudp.exe downloaded in previous step
  • Schedule a task on each device to run the .bat at an interval of your preference.

    The advantage of using the .bat this way is you can run the update more frequently and it doesn’t depend on the users logging into the device(s)

 2.  Copy the text above and save as a .bat file

  • Use the .bat as a log on script to install when clients log into the device(s).

Make sure to set the clients to manual update so they do not try and connect to the internet for updates.

Please note, this only works for virus definition (VPS) updates.

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    Hezekiah Samuel

    sure was helpful

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    Matt Starczak

    Powershell is now the way with the deprecation of bits.

    Import-module BitsTransfer

    Start-BitsTransfer -source destination D:\MyServer\AvastUpdates\ -priority normal

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