The General settings screen provides you the ability to set your preference of language, sounds, popups, maintenance cleanup, what is shown on the status monitor and what is excluded from scans. Each section of customization contains informational tips to help you adjust settings to meet your specific needs.

Active Protection
The Active Protection setting gives you the capability to turn on or off your active file system, web and mail shields, as well as to customize these shields to suit your particular circumstances. Each layer of customization provides a further menu of configurable items.

The Update setting provides the facility to update the Avast program software and virus definitions, without waiting for an update to be pushed to your device from the Business Security Administrator. Here you can also define if you prefer updates to be run automatically or manually, how often you want updates to be applied, and if you have any proxy settings that need to be taken into consideration.

The Tools settings enable you to customize your browser cleanup and set it on or off.

Troubleshooting settings help you to resolve various problems, skip or enable specific scans and disable various accesses to minimize issues on startup or scanning.

About Avast
The About Avast menu shows the current program and virus definition versions, links to the end user license agreement and lists the various software components used by the program.

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