Deploying DMG via MAC Munki repackage.

Please try the following steps to deploy the package. Steps may change form console to console, but still the same concept.

1) Mount the DMG package on your desktop.
2) Open of the Admin application
3) Drag the Avast Business Security.pkg file to the repository and let it get uploaded to the server.
4) Once that package is uploaded, double click on the package
5) Highlight the Avast Business Security.pkg package and click the index button and let that index.
6) Some users will set their own settings on the package for me I just checked the box to allow the package to be uninstalled by double-clicking on the package and setting that option on the package. Close out the window when done.
7) Then save your changes and exit the Admin application.
8) Log into the Munki web admin page.
9) Create the policy to install the application on your mac for me I just did a simple test but this what I did.
a. Go to the Policies section and create a policy.
b. For my test I just told it to do the install at start/login.
c. Under the package section I added the Avast Business Security and told it to install as the action.
d. Under the scope I added my test machine and then clicked done to lock in the policy.
e. There are many options and settings you can do but again each user will do it for what is best for their company/environment.
10) Restarted the test machine and logged in and it was there ready to go.

If any other questions or concerns arise, please feel free to let us know.

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