Avast Installation for Ubuntu / Debian

To Install the Avast product on your Debian server You will first need to Add the Avast repository to the system repositories. To do this use the following;


# echo "deb debian release" \ >> /etc/apt/sources.list


Next we will need to download the GPG key from this will allow you to receive the VPS updates. To do this use wget as follows;



Next we will need to update with apt-get update


Once that is completed we are ready to install the avast product.


 Apt-get install avast


 Once that is complete we will then need to copy the license file to the /etc/avast directory.

cp /path/to/license.avast.lic /etc/avast in my case it is in the /mnt directory. Also you can start the avast services at this time. 

NOTE****** Be sure to replace /path/to/license.avastlic with YOUR actual path to the license file on your server.



Also if you like you can install other products such as the avast-fss and the avast-proxy. Here we will install the avast-fss (avast file system security).




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    Timmy Forson

    Hello :) For assistance it is recommended that you open a support ticket. That way we can better assist you. 

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